Membership is required for participation at the Center.

Membership gives you access to ALL that the Center has to offer! Including, but not limited to, classes, workshops, Seedlings Co-op, field trips and more! Once you’re a member, a whole world of opportunities opens up to you and your kids.

Follow these steps to become a part of our growing Resource Center:

[1]. create an account on our registration site

First things first. Create an account on our registration site. Click "Register Here", enter your family info, create a log-in, and you're ready to go! 

[2]. become aN fphrc member

Next, become a member! Simply select the membership at the top of the registration page, and add it to your cart. You must become a member before registering for any classes. Membership is $100 per year per family.

[3]Register for classes

Now that you have your account and membership, you're ready to register for classes! Choose which class you'd like for each child, add them in your cart, check out and you're set!


We do the bulk of our communication through our Facebook pages. Follow Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center for general information about the Center, and join the FPHRC Members group for members-only correspondence; we also have a separate Seedlings Members group.



We have a scholarship program which can help offset the cost for qualifying families.

Interested in learning more about scholarships? Email us at for more information.