Open Positions

Headwaters Bookstore

We are SO excited about the Resource Center BOOKSTORE! We'll need help organizing, managing, inventorying, operating and dreaming as we start from the ground up. Lots of great opportunities ahead. Let us know in what ways you see yourself joining the Headwaters Bookstore team!  

What's a community center without coffee? What is LIFE without coffee–let's be real. How could we accommodate the growing minds of the next generation and the parents that foster them without providing necessary assistants? The coffee shop will be a great opportunity to get to know the families that make our Resource Center by creating a warm, comfortable environment in junction with our bookstore. *stoked* 



  • Must. Love. Coffee. 
  • Barista experience
  • Food handlers card (or willingness to get one) 
  • Any business/restaurant-like experience 
  • Customer service savvy 
  • Willing to do things like... wash dishes, sweep floors, wipe counters, talk to people, stalk fridges and sing on command. Gotta be prepared. 

Coffee Shop

Gotta file them files. Jerry St. John is our beautiful office manager and would greatly appreciate the extra help in filing, welcoming, emailing, copying, stapling, mailing, organizing, answering questions, emails, phone calls, text messages... you get the idea. ;) Lots of fun opportunities and working with great people! 



  • Like office work 
  • Computer savvy 
  • And/or organize savvy 
  • Like people 
  • Like stickers (because we have them, and we'll put them on things) 



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