Classes are available for all ages at the Homeschool Resource Center! From Ballet to Algebra, we have something for everyone

Organic in nature, each quarter may offer different classes. Teachers at FPHRC are not hired staff, but rather "free lance" teachers. This is why you will find that the class list changes quarterly, and the prices vary in each one (keep reading, we will explain pricing!). That said, some core classes will continue through the whole school year. (Look in the description on the registration page to find which ones will continue throughout the year!) 

Here is a typical class list you will find available in each quarter! Given the potential nature of the quarters changing, the classes in this list may or may not be available in the upcoming quarter. 




  • Marine Biology
  • Colonial History
  • Ballet
  • Tap Dance
  • Fun through Fitness
  • Basic Drawing
  • Basic Electronics
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Percussion
  • Basic Leather Craft
  • Beginning Band
  • Elementary Choir
  • Private Drum Lessons
  • Private Piano Lessons
  • Ceramics
  • Creative Writing
  • English Country Dance
  • Excel Writing and Spelling
  • Intro to Spanish
  • Let's Explore the East Coast
  • Open Lego Time
  • Storytelling 101

Middle and high school

  • Pre Algebra
  • Algebra 
  • Chemistry
  • Middle School Marine Biology 
  • Advanced Marine Biology
  • Film Production
  • Story Writing
  • Private Drum Lessons
  • Private Piano Lessons
  • High School Choir
  • World History through Literature
  • Practical Public Speaking
  • Painting Techniques
  • Making a Documentary
  • Lego Club
  • Geometry
  • Fundamentals of Photography
  • Fitness Camp
  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science
  • Excel Writing and Spelling
  • Ceramics
  • Casting and Recording Your Story
  • The Bible's Big Ideas
  • Basic Leather Craft
  • Beginning Band 


Fees for each class breaks down into three categories:

Teacher Fee

Materials Fee

Admin Fee

Teacher Fee: Since FPHRC does not hire it's teachers, the money they charge individually for their class goes directly to them. Because of this, the Teacher's Fee varies from class to class. (Many teachers volunteer, so no Teacher Fee is applied to those classes!) While we don't hire our teachers, all teachers are approved by us, pass a background check and sign a statement of faith. 

Materials Fee: This one is self-explanatory. Some classes require materials, and that cost will be reflected here. 

The Admin Fee: This amount goes directly to the Resource Center. Admin Fees are $2 per class hour for members and $4 per class hour for non-members. If your class meets one hour per week for 10 weeks, your admin fee for that class would be either $20 (members) or $40 (non-members). 

Membership is $200 per year, per family. If you anticipate taking a lot of classes throughout the year, it makes sense to become members, as it will reduce your Admin Fees by half!



Registration happens in our Family Portal. The class list for the upcoming quarter will be made available a week before registration. Typically registration lasts for a few weeks prior to the start date of that quarter.

see our upcoming class list and register here


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