Seedlings is for families with children 6 years old and younger

Seedlings allows parents the opportunity to participate and benefit from the Resource Center before they begin their homeschool journey. 


Meet your Seedlings Director: Savannah 

(And her Seedlings) 




At the Resource Center, we strive to provide opportunities to all homeschooling families. It is this passion that lead us to create the Seedlings Program. Seedlings allows parents of young children the opportunity to participate and benefit from the Resource Center before they even begin their homeschool journey. 

There are lots of opportunities at the Resource Center for young families!


Seedlings co-op

The Seedlings Co-op Membership is for families with children 0-6 years old. Seedlings meets on Thursdays from 10a-1p. This membership is for the co-op only, if you’d like to include benefits to the rest of the Center, choose the Family Membership. 

As a cooperative, parents are expected to be involved during co-op day. All classes are parent-taught and the program is parent-led! Parental involvement could be teaching a class, assisting in a class, snuggling babies in nursery, helping with chapel time, planning and leading field trips, and much more. There are awesome opportunities to help serve your community, and its fun!



The Seedlings Co-op meets on Thursday mornings from 10:00a-1pm for three 10-week quarters in the year. Here is a sample of the co-op schedule:

10:00 // Chapel

10:20 // Block A + Snack time

11:20 // Block B

12:00 - 1:00p // Play Park / lunch (optional)



CHAPEL // We kick off our Co-op day with Chapel! Parents will gather with their kiddos in the auditorium for selling songs, devotions and announcements. Be ready to show off your dance moves and motions!

BLOCKS A&B // These are two 1 hour blocks of classes. Kids take classes in both blocks, and parents will either teach a class or assist in a class for one block, and have the other block off to fellowship/relax. 

PLAY PARK / LUNCH // Pack a lunch and join us after Co-op for free play and lunch together. The play park will be open from 12-1.



$100 annual Seedlings Co-op Membership**

$5 Co-op Class Fee // per class, per child*

*Co-op pricing is different from Resource Center pricing for classes and membership. Seedlings Co-op Membership is not a Resource Center Family Membership, and only applies to the co-op. If you would like to experience Resource Center Family Membership benefits for classes outside of Seedlings Co-op, become a Resource Center Family Member today! Resource Center Family Members have access to the co-op, as well as the rest of member benefits.

*If you became a Seedlings Member in 2017, your full Resource Center benefits will remain for the rest of your year. This will change to the new policy upon renewal.


Have children ages 6 and under?

Become a Seedlings member today!