Teaching at the FPHRC

There are many opportunities for those interested in teaching at the Center! The Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center welcomes professional teachers, as well as parents who have a passion and want to share it with others!


The Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center does not hire teachers, rather we provide a space for teachers to share their gifts and knowledge! All of our teachers are self-employed. You set the parameters for your class, you set the fees. 

Homeschooling works in part because it encourages a love of learning.

We want to keep that love of learning alive by inviting you to teach a class on something you feel passionate about. It can be almost anything!



1: Must sign a basic evangelical Christian statement of faith. This is required for all teachers and leaders. 

2: Pass our teacher application process. Every teacher must pass a background check and complete the MinistrySafe Awareness Training Course. A small fee is attached. **For Fall 2019, the Awareness Training is offered on August 3rd and August 17th, from 9 am - 2 pm. Choose which day works better for you!

3: Be committed to your classes, and your students. Teachers must be committed to show up for every class, and do their best not to not cancel. We understand some things are out of our control, if you must cancel a class day, schedule a make-up class. 

4. Attend Mandatory Teacher Meetings. Good communication is key to a successful team! We don't meet very often, but when we do, we ask that all teachers are present. Typically we will meet once at the beginning and end of each session.

5. Pay-Back. Teachers set their own teacher fee that parents pay directly to them. The Resource Center requires that all teachers pay back 10% of what they make in Teacher Fees to the Center. This helps support the Center in continuing to provide a well-kept space for teachers’ classes to THRIVE!




how to apply

Step 1. Teacher Application.* This application includes an abuse prevention survey, code of conduct, reference form, statement of faith, contract form and a background check.

Step 2. Class Application. Fill our a class application for each class you’re interested in teaching.

Step 3. Formal interview.* We will review applications, contact references and schedule an in-person interview.

Step 4. MinistrySafe Awareness Training Course. All teachers must complete a 1.5 hr video course and pass the follow up quiz.

Have questions? Email our Class Coordinator, Nancy Hill: nancy@fpfam.org or give us a call at 360-687-5433 ext. 410


*Teacher Application and Formal Interview required ONE TIME only. The Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center
reserves the right to deny any application.