We Need Help!

Our growing facility is always in need of maintenance and other volunteer work! Check out opportunities below to see how you can help be a part of this awesome Center!

Interested in helping out? Fill out the application below!

Headwaters Bookstore

We are SO excited about the Resource Center Bookstore! We need help organizing, managing, inventorying, operating, and dreaming as we grow this amazing resource. 

We are rolling out our internship program for juniors and seniors who want to be involved with The Raft Coffeehouse. This is a great way to get relevant work experience and meet volunteer hours while serving our members! The coffee shop is a great opportunity to get to know the families that make our Resource Center by creating a warm, comfortable environment in conjunction with our bookstore.

The Raft Coffeehouse

Our office staff would greatly appreciate the extra help in filing, welcoming, emailing, copying, stapling, mailing, organizing, answering questions, emails, phone calls, text messages... you get the idea. ;) There are lots of fun opportunities available and you get to work with great people! 


We are in need of some experienced workers to help update and maintain our space. This could be electrical work, plumbing, transporting materials, demolition… you name it! Many hands make light work!


We rely entirely on volunteers to keep the Center cleaned. Scholarships may be available for committing to a regular schedule of cleaning the facility.



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